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  • Company Name : Dilemmas Diluted
  • Founder :Raghav Khanna
  • Industry :Web and Mobile app development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing
  • Website : www.DilemmasDiluted.in

Hi, I am Raghav Khanna! I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and graduated in the year 2013. I am currently leading two startups in Amritsar in the Digital Marketing field and privilege/discount card-based services named Dilemmas Diluted and El- Acuerdo respectively. Earlier, I was placed in Wipro but due to some unfortunate family mishappenings, I couldn’t join. As a result, I worked for 2.5 years as Operations Director at a family business in a leading textile firm in Amritsar but eventually left to follow my passion.

Aftermath, I devoted my full time to Dilemmas Diluted (Dilemmas Diluted was co-founded in 2011 among a few college friends and had enrolled ourselves in the Amity Innovation Incubator while we were operating from there). Primarily, being from the technical background I am always eager to explore new domains in the field. The paramount motive is to be a part of AF and in the due course build a startup ecosystem in Amritsar, mentor the youth on the opportunities available within the city while they learn from successful startups.

  • Company Name :Digikaps
  • Founder: Kanav Kapoor
  • Industry:360 degree brand building, Marketing and Graphic Designing
  • Website: http://www.digikaps.com

Hi, I am Kanav Kapoor! I completed B.E in Electronics & Communication in 2013 and worked for HCL for 2 years.As a young enthusiast full of ideas and energy, I was not afraid to go after what I wanted.Currently, I am the Co-Founder of two companies“DIGIKAPS”, a 360° Branding, Designing, and Marketing agency. Go digital with Digikaps!. “THE WEAVE COMPANY” A company to transform the traditional family business, where we offer an extensive collection of luxurious products made out of the finest tweed fabrics we manufacture in our factory. My key strengths are my ability to connect and collaborate with talent across the industry. I always look to try and bring out the best in others.
The motive to be a part of AF is to build a startup ecosystem in Amritsar where likeminded people can network, exchange ideas, Broaden their knowledge, stay Inspired and Stay Motivated.I would also like to add that learn to love what you do! You may not even know that you love something, but it’s important to be proactive about things you discover on the journey. So AF can be a platform where you discover something new each day!

Hi, I am Namit Kapoor. I describe myself as “ Civil Engineer by Chance but a Digital Marketer by Choice”.  I did my B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Amritsar Engineering College. In 2011, I started doing Blogging and gradually shifted to Affiliate and Paid Marketing. Apart from that, I started another venture called YOUTH HEAVEN HOSTINGS which provides Web Hosting and Digital Marketing services.

I joined Amritsar founders with a vision to provide more employment in the city, Upgrade my existing skills, Network with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and learn from top Notch Market leaders. I am dedicated to keeping myself available to make Amritsar Founders, One of the Best Entrepreneur society of India.  My hobbies are learning new skills, travelling and playing cricket.

  • Company Name: Techies Infotech
  • Founder: Anurag Byala
  • Industry: Web and Mobile app development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Video Production.
  • Website:https://www.techiesinfotech.co.in

I am Anurag Byala and by profession and passion, I am a Techie. I did B.Tech in Electronics & Communication and now, I am the Managing Director at Techies Infotech. Having worked for around 8 years in the corporate world, I worked for 2 years at Wipro and then left my job to start my own company which became the turning point of my life.

My motive behind joining AF is simply to boost the startup ecosystem in Amritsar by contributing to it in whatever way I can. Being a one of its kind initiative, I am pretty sure that AF shall taste success with the presence of such young minds. I am and will keep contributing towards AF with my knowledge and experience for new ideas will keep coming from my side. My hobbies are playing cricket, reading ebook & travelling.

  • Company Name: Statusbrew, City On Pedals
  • COO: Rishabh Mahajan
  • Industry: Social Media Management Tool, Travel Company
  • Website: https://www.statusbrew.com

I am Rishabh Mahajan. I did my bachelors of technology in Production and Industrial Engineering, and am currently leading (or co-leading) 3 startups in Amritsar in Marketing SAAS, Tourism, and Education. I am a mechanical engineer turned programmer turned team-leader turned entrepreneur. I started my career as an Application Developer in multinational, multilingual environments inside both startups and conglomerates. I stayed in Japan for over four years, which enabled me to learn many essential life skills, and they still form the guiding ethics in my professional and personal life. Japanese was also my 4th language. We have successfully validated and built businesses as both a service and a product company.

The goal with my three startups in Amritsar is to bring our city on top of the global business map. My motive behind AF is to collectively ideate and implement ways to transform our city into a coveted destination for high-paying, meaningful, and fulfilling job-seeking enthusiasts from all over the world. My hobbies, which have taken a back seat currently, included beer tasting, ice-skating, snowboarding & cinematography.

I am a motivational speaker, trainer and social entrepreneur by profession. I am the founder of a series of ventures – Simbacart, SimbaQuartz and NGO Smiles Care. I, not only believe in bringing profitability to the businesses but also believe in giving back to society. Recently we merged our ventures Simbacart and Simbaquartz. By God’s grace and tireless efforts of almost 6 years, SimbaQuartz proved to be a profitable IT and consulting venture. I am currently working on my upcoming venture too. My writings have been covered in Corporate Social Directory by ASSOCHAM India, alongside many prestigious brands namely TCS, Rolls Royce to name a few.

I have been recognized as a woman entrepreneur by ASSOCHAM India in the month of August 2016. My Startup “Simbacart” now “SimbaQuartz” has been awarded as The Upcoming Startup of the year 2016 by ASSOCHAM India. I also received the Alumni Award for Social Entrepreneurship. My areas of practice include Start-up ecosystem, E-commerce, Digital marketing, Corporate social responsibility & Philanthropy.

I am Rouble Tuli. I am masters in Biotechnology from England, diploma holder in Shakespeare from Oxford University, England and a former Phd research scholar in Enzymology. I am an an educationist. I design effective methods of teaching from kindergarten to post graduation. I take language courses to experiment the pedagogical techniques and conduct workshops to educate teachers at school and college level.

I have joined Amritsar Founders to expand my professional reach, exchange resources, keep myself updated with market trends and associate myself with successful entrepreneurs who contribute for human concerns as well. I can be an asset with my literary expertise, city-wide resourcefulness, inherited social standing and organising educational events. My hobbies are learning languages, listening to audiobooks, travelling to museums, galleries, antique shops, reading an extensive range of books.

  • Company Name :HardwareMana
  • Founder: Karan Sidhu
  • Industry: Computer Hardware, Gaming, Tech support, Photo/Video Production House
  • Website: http://www.hardwaremana.com
  • Company Name: A-Square Media
  • Founder: Amit Madaan
  • Industry: Integrated Marketing & Advertisement Solutions
  • Website: https://asquaremedia.com

Hi, I am Amit Madaan, founder of A-Square Media! I am a Brand and Business Motivator and an Entrepreneur with a digital startup in the field of marketing. Having 18 yrs of experience in a conventional marketing system as Chief Brand & Marketing Director in “A-Square Media” which is a complete media house and traditional media owner with its Media Presence in Punjab, Haryana, J & K, and Delhi NCR.

My vision with Amritsar Founders is to contribute and build a strong community of talent and intellect: Seeking choicest resources in progressive development of an international eco-system in the field of techno-marketing.

I am Manmeet Tuli, an architect by profession and I am registered with Council Of Architecture Of India and Indian Institute of Architects, I am an Executive Member of the Indian Institute of Architects, Amritsar Chapter. I did my bachelors’ in Architecture in 2010, I have worked with Abhimanyu Dalal Architects where I undertook designing part of the project “SADDA PIND” located in Amritsar and other residential and commercial projects in Delhi. I have my own architectural firm “Tuli Architects and Engineers” and I also have a construction company “Tuli Builders”. I am a co-founder of the furniture company “Furnstudio”.

My motive for joining Amritsar Founders was to reach people who are doing good work in Amritsar, to contribute and to spread my knowledge and help the community wherever they need my services. Also, I always try to learn new things every day and I am sure I will learn a lot from this community.

I am an Educator based in Amritsar with more than 7 Years of Teaching Experience. My areas of expertise include Technology-based Curriculum Design, Lecturing, Design and Marketing for educational businesses.After Graduating in Computer Science in 2012, I joined Career Launcher as Junior Faculty. Rapidly rising through the ranks I became Head of Verbal Faculty at Career Launcher in 2014. In ANACON 2014 (National Level faculty meet of all CAT Trainers in India organized by Career Launcher), my Team stood Second.
Driven by my zest to revolutionize the education Industry, I resigned from Career Launcher in March 2015 and started with GRE KEY (a GRE Preparation Institution) in April 2015. By December 2016 GREKEY had established itself as the leading GRE Preparation Center in Amritsar accounting for more than 75% of all 310+ Results. In 2017, I started with Aptitude Baba, an Aptitude Preparation Institute with its prime focus on Campus Placements Preparation. Currently, Aptitude baba enjoys a success rate of 90% and is on its way to becoming the best Campus Placement Preparation Center in Amritsar.

  • Company Name: Uni Brick
  • Founder: Sanchit Gupta
  • Industry: Construction and Infrastructure Provider
  • Website: http://unibrickindia.com

I am Sanchit Gupta. I did my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto in 2017. I have founded two companies PlatePay and UniBrick, and am currently fully working at UniBrick Industries. Problem-solving and challenging the status quo have always been my driving spirit, and hence became the basis for my entrepreneurial journey.
I left my successful career stint in Canada to come to India and do my bit to reverse the brain drain. I feel that Amritsar has a lot of potential for growth and people here are hungry for work and success. My motive for joining AF was to primarily network with many like-minded individuals from different walks of life and secondly & majorly to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit among our community. I have always been a mentor and am always open to guide anyone in any way possible. Bringing the lost glory back to Amritsar and putting it on the map of top industrial/business generating centres in India, would be my guiding mantra for 2020.

  • Company Name: The big Day Events
  • Founder: Rajat Singh
  • Industry :Events Organizer
  • Company Name :Raghav Steel Products
  • Founder :Ragghav Aggarwal
  • Industry :Steel Products
  • Company Name: West
  • Founder: Anoop Luthra
  • Industry: IELTS Center

Hi, I am Anoop Luthra from Batala. I have done MBA in 2012. My father was into many ventures like Jewellery, Colonizer and Finance. I am a very passionate and ambitious person. So I decided to start something of my own. Now I have two businesses-> Female Readymade Showroom and IELTS institute.

But my thirst for growth is still here, So I am also a member of TIE Chandigarh, CMA Chandigarh, And now I have joined this A.F .First, in Af, I want to associate myself with like-minded people and want to learn something new. Second I am also looking for a new opportunity to invest.

I am a Father, a Son, a Husband, a Learner and a Software Developer. I feel motivated with challenges in front of me. My passion is delivering high quality, enterprise grade software with Diverse teams. Love to see my team happy, motivated and celebrating, when we deliver.

Mr. Rajwinder Pal Singh, founder of Yvace Institute, had an teaching experience of 13 years as an assistant professor in Computer Science at Guru Nanak Dev University.
Whether you need private instruction or prefer learning in a small group setting, Yvace Language Centre creates the ideal environment for language studies. Our English programs are based on the principle that students learn best in a language program that can be customized to their unique linguistic needs and

  • Company Name: Olive 97
  • Co-Owner: Sahil Mahajan
  • Industry : Dining Restaurant